This term KS3 have been working on Non-fiction and Speaking and listening skills. This unit allows invites students to use the skills they learn in English to make a difference in the real world. This year our focus was on Environmental action and the world around us. Students were encouraged to: write speeches, letters, essays, leaflets and information articles. The purpose of this unit was to allow students the freedom of choice to follow lines of enquiry which interested them. 9A worked incredibly hard and here is what they achieved in just a matter of weeks:
Letter Writing- Sent a letter to the Bee Keepers’ Association and successfully arranged a talk to see how we can encourage bees and other pollinators to live with us at Bishop Ullathorne; wrote a letter to the council regarding more recycling bins for school and 2 more bins were delivered this term; wrote a letter to a container company to see if they would supply us with a IBC container to collect rain water for our new trees- this will be delivered over the next couple of weeks and wrote to wildflower companies asking if they could contribute seed towards are wildflower area.
Leaflets and articles (information texts)- 9A produced a range of writing on topics of their choices, these included: Infographics on Earth Hour and Precious Pollinators, Leaflets/information on wormeries and how they work and birdboxes design and purpose. Harry’s group are working on making their wormery a reality and Kelsey designed and made a bird box for us to put up on site. We will put the wildlife camera on a tree near the bird box and keep you updated on our who takes up residency in Kelsey’s bird box.