At our Nature Reserve we have been very busy. In the past 8 months we have planted over 1000 trees to create a living fence and cherry, apple and plum orchards (with the odd pear tree in the mix).

Stage 2 of our journey is exciting. A learning centre has arrived (refurbished shipping container with living roof). Just need to wait foe the ground to get harder so we can install.

Our pond will be completed in the May 1/2 term.

Now, what to do with all that blossom form our trees and plants? Get them pollinated is the answer. So, here we go on our journey to create an apiary. The hive is in place, monitoring equipment works – just need the bees and off we go. Have a look at what we are doing in the video here:

Our Reserve is open to all (please call in advance). Let us know if you would like to visit the site. Our Eco Leaders are ready to give you a tour, gift you with a young tree and offer advice on how you can increase biodiversity in your own patch of paradise.