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We have been really excited that the term is slightly longer and able to start to sow the seeds that we gathered from last year’s bean pods. We are hoping to test out the “Sister method’ with beans, courgettes and sweetcorn to see if our harvest increases. We do all love a bit of experimenting and science in our gardening!

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  • Sarah Fennell says:

    Good luck with your growing. We are also going to be growing lots of different plants together this year. I think it helps with pest and disease problems. Let me know how it goes.

    • Michelle Teo says:

      Thank You Sarah. All the best to you too. We did companion plants last year and it helped with the tomatoes. The pupils had great fun tasting the edible flowers, especially the nasturtiums. It did make me smile when I told them that they were welcome to taste them and we looked up celebrity chefs who love using them for presentation.

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