We had a fabulous day at the beginning of March adding native hedging and 5 more trees to our Community Orchard in Plum Lane. The knowledgable team from The Tree Council, the children from Plumcroft’s Eco Council and some local volunteer’s put in stirling work to plant over 100 whips, 100 bulbs and more fruit trees, including apples and pears. Richard, Emma, Phillip and Dave and Dan from the Plumcroft staff worked hard keeping everyone occupied. Richard and Emma taught us about the importance of trees and how we can look after them.
We were joined by David and Richard (and Richard’s tiny daughter) from the local community who did a great job of helping us plant a few more whips, add all the guards and stakes and give everything a drink. The age range across s the day was 2-77. We even had extra parents and children helping out as they left school in the afternoon!
It was lovely to see the trees coming into bud and we have enjoyed watching them blossom and our new plantings coming into leaf and even blossom over the last few weeks.
It will be very exciting to see this years harvest and all the wildlife that the area can support now it is really coming into it’s own.