At Woodrush we have been busy developing our Forest School area by creating a pond and developing an orchard area which links to our Forest School. The orchard allows our Key Stage 4 students to carry out some of their units towards their C&G qualification in Horticulture.
The pond area in our Forest School will be utilised in Geography and Science lessons as well as being used for a safe haven space for 121 social, emotional support and similar therapies.
We are also in the early stages of developing our Fruit Tree Bank – where we plan to graft fruit tree stock, nurture and then distribute to the local community so that they have their own fruit tree at home. As you can see in the image, the recent addition of our polytunnel will really help with this part of the project.
As a backdrop to these projects, we have also planted over 2000 sapling trees on site to date with the plan to grow more and share our project with other local schools.