Our 5 new trees arrived in their brown cardboard box! They were unpackaged and cared for until our party began!
Our trees were planted as a group activity during our usual forest school session. There was some protesting at this, because the class doing the planting are generally very imaginative children who like to use some of their outdoor time to build dens make mud pies and recreate the world of Minecraft. With some gentle persuasion, everyone was on board and ready to get planting. We considered what we needed and took watering cans full of water up to the area where our trees would be growing, along with our wood chip and our gardening tools.
The children worked together to decide the best spots. As there are already trees in this area, we had to be careful about how close we could go! A trundle wheel was called into action and the class took care to make sure we were in just the right place before digging would begin. Each tree spot was chosen by a different child, and we worked in teams of two digging out tree pits and planting our trees. The group were soon absorbed in their task, commenting on the task that digging is far easier in computer games. The conversation turned to what they might find in the soil and the worms. A team was formed to rescue worms as we dug, making sure they were safely relocated away from the spades.
We looked carefully at our trees to make sure they were not planted too deep, and they were well watered and protected after using the materials provided. To celebrate our job well done, we had a camp fire and smores. Whilst enjoying our treat we discussed the uses of trees, and all the things they give us. The children were quick to confirm that trees give us oxygen, wood for burning, fruit and also make homes for birds. They were amazed when I informed them that trees are also made into paper!
As we continue to consider what trees give us, next time we might make some paper of our own!