We took delivery of our 5 broadleaf trees and 60 hedge whips in January 2024. Prior to this, on the recommendation of the Tree Council Team, we contacted a local tree surgeon, who was more than happy to deliver free mulch to protect our growing trees and hedges. So, once the trees and hedge whips arrived we were ready to start planting immediately.

Our Tree Champions (eco-warriors) decided where the trees should go. Two were planted by the two reception classes within the boundary of their forest school site during their Forest School sessions. They planted the Oak and Mountain Ash and named them ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Sonic’.

The remaining three trees were planted in the junior school grounds, near our pond area by the Year 3 children during their Forest School sessions. They planted a Silver Birch (named ‘Bob’), Hornbeam (named ‘Gillian’) and Beech (named ‘Bill’). These names were chosen by the Gardening Gang.

Our two Year 5 classes, enjoyed planting the 60 hedge whips in the Junior Forest School area to complete the perimeter around this new site. They then mulched all the trees and the hedging. There was excess mulch, so they continued their good work over several weeks and re-mulched the hedge whips that had been planted the previous year, around both Forest School sites and the perimeter of the entire school.

In total, over 200 children (from the Infant and Junior Schools) were involved, many staff members and some wonderful parent volunteers came to support the planting too. We’d like to all thank the Tree Council for their kind donation of the trees, hedge whips and ‘tech pack’ which we enjoy using at Forest School sessions and in Science lessons. We look forward to being involved with your organisation in the future.