Blog 1 – 23/01/22
Trees hospitality
we are the children of Chilton Magic Garden.
We love nature and know the importance of nature for our planet and are here to help and protect it.
This is one of the beautiful large beech trees in the Arboretum at Chilton. We are calculating its age by measuring the diameter of its trunk and multiplying by the average girth it goes per year 2.5cm. We estimated this grandma beech to be around 120 years old.
This tree provides oxygen throughout its lifetime and takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere helping to sustain life on earth.
This tree is a habitat for millions of living things, such as Insects, slugs, fungi, birds and mammals.
This tree may live for many more hundred years being a life source and habitat for generations of creators over that time and helping sustain life on earth.
We can learn so much from this tree’s hospitality.