Our surprise guest arrived, David Carey, from the Tree |Council to share some interesting facts and do some readings on the mature trees in the Arboretum and to add them to the National Ancient Tree Inventory.
He spoke about the age of trees compared with us. The history that the trees had experienced since the 1800s and what it was like then. We said there were no electronics, transport and all the conveniences that we have in our lives today.
With tape measures in hand, we went to the Arboretum and measured the girth of the tree trunks at a height of 1.5 m and calculated the age of the Beech trees in the Arboretum.
Age of tree = 150 years

He pointed out that three of the trees were on a slope and were smaller than the large mother Beech tree and this was perhaps because they had less water being on a slope.
And also the second tree was smaller than the others, perhaps because it was competing with them for water and sunlight. But all the trees we are probably planted at the same time about 150 years ago.
David has since added our contributions to the National Ancient Tree Inventory
We were now really wet through so we returned to the barn to dry off and went over what we had done.
We invented some dances and had a Strictly Come Dancing Show. The dances were very impressive!
We enjoyed barbecued hotdogs and s’mores and a seasonal Easter egg from the scavenger hunts in the different ecosystems to take home !