Daintree class had an amazing experience with the Tree Council this term as we learnt how to be A Force For Nature. The team spoke in great detail about the crisis we are facing as a result of trees getting cut down. Did you know that 3 trillion trees have be cut down in recent years? We were appalled by this and knew we had to be part of the solution. Ricard (the man in charge) spent most of the day outside with us in our Outdoor Classroom where we put on blindfolds and had to guide our partner around the trees. The person blindfolded then had to use all their sense to give a description of how they felt- this allowed us to feel really close to nature. A few children were chosen as tree champions and were interviewed about the crisis going on right now and the solutions to solve it. There was a full film crew recording this with professional camera and sound equipment, so those children stepped up the challenge and bravely represented our school. The day ended with us planting a new tree- a sapling- in our orchard and we used our ipads to capture photos of the nature around us.

We then had a second session with The Speakers Trust where we developed speeches and our presenting skills about our findings. Six children will be chosen to read their speeches in front of Ms Bretayne and Ms Marriot and one lucky winner will go on to a national competition! We wish these children the best of luck and we’ll be behind them every step of the way.

We were thrilled to be chosen for this opportunity and thank you to The Tree Council for organising such a fun and eventful day for Pinner Wood!

By Siddhanth and Maryam ,

Daintree Class