To help celebrate Earth Day this week, 28 Year 7 students planted five sapling trees within our school grounds. The purpose of planting the trees is twofold: firstly, to join in the effort to mitigate the global issue of climate change at a local level via the strategy of afforestation. Secondly, after lockdown, students working outdoors, in nature and together, is part of our school plan to improve wellbeing.

For over a year we have experienced the consequences and limitations of a global pandemic. This has impacted mental health across the nation; MIND reported 58% of under-18s said their mental health was poor or very poor. By planting trees, we are improving our wellbeing; learning outdoors is also fun! A survey conducted by the UN Environment Programme found that 89% of young people feel they can make a difference to climate change. At Hummersknott, we are part of that figure: “89% of young people”. Boris Johnson announced last week that by 2035 he wants to reduce carbon emissions by 78%. At Hummersknott, we are starting to do our part by increasing the amount of carbon sinks to help achieve this national target.

Staff and students at Hummerksnott Academy want to say a tree-mendous thank you to The Tree Council!