We love just love being in nature!

We planted in Spring on the last day of term, the Y3s did too. Since we have returned in Summer term we all have a rota of water and caring for the trees each day. I think this has helped with teaching us responsibility. What I love is each time we go out to care for our trees we encounter new mini beasts. We saw an ants nest the other day when we lifted up some dead wood and it was really super cool. I love that we now get outside daily. I feel happier and calmer during the school day, which my teacher has seen a huge improvement in.

When we planted the trees as a class we noted that the raised beds needed some upkeep. As a result, we have weeded all the raised beds and planted wildflower seeds to further add to our mission of improving biodiversity. I cannot wait to see everything grow!

JLJ – Year 5