We have been planning our Talking Tree Trail. We have created maps and piccollages to show everyone where to go on our trail. Each class has created work to display in their location and it will displayed on the species of tree that they have been studying:
EYFS: Silver Birch
Year 1: Oak
Year 2: Cherry
Year 3: Cherry
Year 4: Rowan
Year 5: Elder
Year 6: Hazel

The work that we have created is varied and creative. We have created:
written work

Using QR codes, we have been able to share our audio and video files with the whole school community. We are all looking forward to the Talking Tree Trail so that we can learn all about the different tree species at our school.

Some children in Year 2 have said how Forest School and Young Tree Champions makes them happy and they look forward to these days and to being outside with nature.

Year 6 pupils have stated that orienteering gives them confidence and challenges them to explore our local grounds.