This is the letter that has gone to all the children in Llanmartin Primary School.

Stump up for trees (SUFT)
Ceiniogi’r Coed

Stump up For Trees aims to plant a million trees in the Brecon Beacons.

Stump up for Trees in the Brecon Beacons is a project to combat climate change and help nature. SUFT (Stump Up for Trees) is a small, community-led charity planting a million trees in the Brecon Beacons area to provide multiple ecosystem benefits including carbon capture, biodiversity creation, natural flood management and landscape connectivity, as well as benefits to human health and well-being. This also supports and aligns with our Ready, Steady, Grow: Pencampwr Coed, Young tree champion project, which we successfully launched last term in Llanmartin Primary School.
Llanmartin Primary School has been kindly given 300 germinated acorns to plant for the Stump up for Trees project. The aim is for every child in school to look after their acorn at home for 3 years. The acorn will need looking after and watering regularly, especially through the Summer months. The children will become custodians of the acorns and ensure the acorns grow into a healthy sapling ready to be planted. Then in 2024 every child has the opportunity to take their oak sapling back up to the mountain to plant. We aim for the children to plant their legacy on the mountains.
Please can you collect a plastic milk container to plant your acorn seed. In this way we are recycling the milk containers and will have a pot to plant the acorn into. Alternatively, you can bring a plant pot into school to plant your acorn.
Thank you for your continued support. Together we are stronger!