Enter our competition and empower your Young Tree Champions to speak up for trees and nature

With the right support, all children can become Young Tree Champions. We are helping young people find their voice and speak out for trees and the environment through our competition and a range of resources such as training and activity plans.

Speak up for Trees

Watch the competition finalists

Watch some of the inspiring competition finalists and see young people from around the UK finding their voices and speaking up for trees and nature! They are a Force For Nature.

Enter our Speak Up for Trees & Nature National Competition!

Now is the time to be a Force for Nature and speak up for trees and nature*. Make today the day you inspire your Young Tree Champions to turn their knowledge, ideas and feelings about trees, nature and tackling the climate and ecological crisis into a brilliant and powerful speech to be heard by the nation. Deadline for entries is Friday 8 October for Scotland and Northern Ireland (the England and Wales competition is now closed). For further information and top speech tips download our competition guide. Good luck and may the Force of Nature be with you!

* Please note only Young Tree Champion clubs that have registered a club account on this website can take part in this competition. To set up a club account click here.

Inspire your students to find their voice

Get inspired and gain some tips on how to perform your speech by watching our fantastic Force For Nature ambassador Amy explaining what being a Force for Nature means to her and why trees are so important. With thanks to Kusuma Trust.

Get inspired by the exciting activities our partners at Speakers Trust have been up to this year by watching the latest video of tree champion Josh speaking up for climate justice.


Speaking Up For Trees Webinar

This webinar explains how our partners in the Speakers Trust will help your students speak up for nature. It covers why oracy is an important skill to develop at all ages and how it can be useful for your young tree champion project, wider learning and beyond. It also goes over he ST process – teacher training and student workshops and activity ideas that will be tailored to your schools project.


Tree Champion Resources

Whether you are a teacher, a scout or girl guide leader, parent or home educator, these activities will help you inspire others to learn about the wonder of trees.

Literacy and climate activity:

Trees and Climate Change

Get pupils to experience, research and share their knowledge and opinions about the value of trees in helping to combat climate change.


Science & Health Activity:

My life support

A series of simple outdoor science experiments and investigations to help pupils understand the vital role trees play in keeping us alive.


Literacy and Health Activity:


Get up close and personal with a tree and use this connection to inspire imaginative writing that is personal to you and your experience.