Check out the tree-mendous activities Young Tree Champions schools across the country are delivering to help their pupils connect, learn and care for trees and nature.

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Insects that support the environment

Today the group conducted a survey of the different insects found in our forest school […]

The planting of Malus Transitoria

Young Tree Champions from Year 1 had a lovely time planting their tree. Although their […]

Connecting with nature

Today we used our senses to connect with nature. WE blindfolded ourselves and tried to […]

Adam the Apple tree

We went to see Adam the apple tree today and couldn’t believe how much he […]

Forest School Fun

Year 2 have loved doing lots of activities about trees in their Forest school sessions. […]

Bee bombs, bug hotels and our new display board

Some of our Year 4 children did a great job the other day dispersing bee […]

Nest building

Dosbarth Carmarthen have been learning about the creatures which inhabit the fantastic trees on our […]

Why Trees are important

As part of our fantastic Speak up for Trees workshop Gareth asked the children to […]

Nature Speak Out

Thank you to Sarah for such a wonderful day! Both staff and students learned a […]

Fantastic Speak up for Trees Speakers Trust Workshop

Thank you so much for the Speak up for Trees workshop. The children really enjoyed […]