Check out the tree-mendous activities Young Tree Champions schools across the country are delivering to help their pupils connect, learn and care for trees and nature.

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Nest Building and Tree Inspection

The Year 1 and 2 children have been talking about why trees are important for […]

Making flags out of natural resources

The children at Welshpool CIW Primary school have been busy finding natural resources to make […]

Terrific Tree Faces

We talked about how trees are alive and Year 1 added clay and other natural […]

Speaking up for Trees finalists

We found it impossible to narrow down our finalists to 5 so gave several of […]

Looking after our trees

The Young Tree Champions from Nursery, Reception, Year 1, 2 & 3 visited their trees […]

Climbing the trees

Year 1 got closer to the trees by safely climbing them and pretending that they […]

Pollinator seeds to be won

Many of you are doing bee and other pollinator related activities, being a #ForceForNature. If […]

Bendigedig Hapa-Zome

The Japanese Art of Hapa-Zome! This is a universally fun art activity which involves smashing […]

Tree Tig and Leaf necklaces

Year 1 have been having fun connecting with each other by pretending to be trees […]

Some great media coverage

Some great media coverage from our speaker trust workshop day, it was an amazing day […]