Check out the tree-mendous activities Young Tree Champions schools across the country are delivering to help their pupils connect, learn and care for trees and nature.

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Secret Gardens

Over the weekend of 24th and 25th June, our school opened the nature grounds (the […]

Year 6 create their own nests

Children in year 6 were inspired by our nesting blue tits. They used natural materials […]

Golden Bulb Award

We are very excited to have received the Bulbs4kids UK’s award for the Golden Bulb. […]

National Beacon Status

We are very excited to be awarded National Beacon Status! The children enjoyed joining the […]

Outstanding Beacon Award

We are very excited to have received the Outstanding Beacon award this year. We would […]

Describing nature

During our family nature session, our families found items to match the description cards given. […]

Nursery connecting with nature

Our Nursery children had a great time finding treasures in nature today – they made […]

Family Nature Sessions

Our first two family nature sessions have been a fantastic time of engagement between parent […]

Potato Harvest!

Our Young Tree Champions reaped the reward of all their hard work last week. After […]

Plant biodiversity

Our Y2 children were looking closely to observe and sketch differences between plants. They counted […]