Today we continued to look at the different trees within our environment. We used pictures and the tree story books to help us independently identify the different Trees based on their features.
We found a Rowan Tree (one that we planted) and noticed it was brighter than the pictures and decided it was because it was younger.
We found a wild cherry and looked at the berries, and found a hawthorn too.

There was a tree we did not have ID cards for which was noticed by a pair of children. We looked at the leaves and the seed pods and talked about the role of the wind in delivering them to new places to grow. During our reflection time the children shared this with the rest of their peer group and we all learned the name Sycamore.

Another pair of children were absolutely baffled by the “glue” coming out of the pine tree. We talked about sap, and how it is the sugars stored and transported around the tree that give it energy to grow. The group decided it was a bit like the tree having an Iron Bru to give it extra energy.
The children then talked further about what the trees uses were. The biggest consideration for the group was how much support the different parts of the tree give to wildlife – Cherries for eating, supporting Bees and insects, homes for birds.