We spent some time today considering our own well being as we explore and play amongst the trees. We talked about how playing in the trees made us feel, and how we thought the trees felt too!

The group made clay faces to represent their own emotions whilst playing or the feelings of the trees.

The general consensus was that playing outdoors makes us feel calm, relaxed and happy. We enjoy time with our friends and playing in the mud kitchen under the shade of the trees. We find playing under the trees helps with our frustrations, and allows us time to refocus and be ready to learn. Lots of our trees had happy faces, but some had sad faces. When asked about this the children who had created them talked about how the trees were sad being cut down.

One child talked about a fear of insects and the tree not liking being crawled all over. This was a brilliant opportunity to discus pollination and how some insects spread pollen allowing more trees and plants to grow. “Just like bees!”