At the end of last term we received three flowering cherry trees or Sakura as they are known in Japan. These came to us through the Sakura Project and because of our links to Omose Primary School in Miagi Province, Japan.
We were sent two which flower white and one with the more traditional pink blossom. We have had a few flowers this year but are looking forward to a full display next spring. Blossom spotting, as the trees come into flower at different times across Japan, is a national pastime in March, April and May. I have been noticing the Sakura which are planted across Portsmouth and have been looking so lovely over the fine Easter break. Maybe you have one planted in the road or park near you?
Our white Sakura (prunus x yedoensis and Tai-haku) have been planted at the entrance to our orchard, one each side of the gap in the hedge (which we have been developing over the last few years) and will mark the gateway into the Environmental Area. The pink tree (Beni-yutaka) has been planted outside of our reception area for all to enjoy, this tree has an information plaque attached explaining our connection to Japan.
Our other planting success this year was the “living classroom”. Funded by the Tree Council and Portsmouth Tree Wardens these hornbeams have now come into leaf and are highlighting the shape that the mature hedge walls will make in years to come.
We have registered these plantings with the Queen’s Green Canopy project and we have a fine plaque ready to add to the orchard area during the Jubilee celebration assembly at Redwood Park Academy.