Young Tree Champion Ambassadors

The Tree Council have recruited and trained Young Tree Champion Ambassadors to help young people connect with trees and nature and inspire them to be a #ForceForNature and take action to tackle the climate and nature crises.

The Young Tree Champion Ambassador programme has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our Ambassador programme partner, Kusuma Trust UK.


Nell is a sixth form student who supports Teach the Future and has a passion to embed climate education across the curriculum.

“I’m a 17 year old climate activist from the South East and I got involved with this programme through the youth climate campaign organisation Teach The Future. For me, being a force for nature means standing up and joining the fight for climate justice in order to create a better future for ourselves and the many generations to come.”


Amy founded environmental education charity Another Way, when she was 16. Her aim is to give people the motivation to change their lives to make a difference and she does this through awareness sessions, planting trees in her local community and developing multiple educational resources on conservation issues and behavioural change.

“Being a Force for Nature is so important to me as it is critical that we address this growing rift in our modern, fast-paced society between nature and ourselves. Restoring a harmony, a balance, a love is exactly what The Tree Council are trying to achieve and why I am supporting their campaign.”


James is an award-winning environmental artist who turns used scratch cards and other recycled materials into breathtaking art.

I am a 20-year-old environmental artist from Pateley Bridge near Harrogate. I also volunteer at an arboretum in North Yorkshire. The Tree Council like my form of art as I highlight issues of the environment and single use products by turning things discarded by others into a medium for expression. I am very pleased to be involved in the Force For Nature campaign.


Benjamin is a music artist and singer-songwriter who uses his music to help people understand the value of connection, be it with each other or the natural world. He recently made an appearance on The Voice UK, getting a 4-chair turn for his jaw-dropping performance of his original song ‘Restlessness’.

Inspired by being a Young Ambassador, Benjamin has written an original song called Force For Nature – watch the music video now!


Oliver is a college student and passionate environmentalist who is making change happen.

“Being a force for nature is very important to me as it empowers, inspires and recognises the efforts of everyday people combating global issues by protecting and preserving the natural environment in return creating a more sustainable future for everyone.”


Muhammed is a keen writer and advocate of nature-based approaches to mental health. His passion for trees has led him to volunteer as a Young Ranger in the National Parks and participating in the Festival of Nature.

“I am 13 years old and for me being a force for nature means caring for, protecting and promoting our relationship with trees and the environment. It means finding something special whether it is serenity, solace, or adventure. It means increasing our joy by sharing it with others.”


Laura is an environmentalist, currently working for Moor Trees, a charity aiming to restore native woodland in the South West.

“I come from Spain and have fallen in love with the beauty of the trees in the British landscape. Through my work, I have discovered how important woodlands are in supporting biodiversity and fighting climate change, so I am really excited to be contributing to this cause. I really believe in the small acts we all can take to fight environmental degradation and want to focus my career in continuing to support these efforts.

For me being a force for nature is to remember that we can transform the world by transforming ourselves. It is to acknowledge that every action counts and that we all have an innate gift to inspire others. It’s realising that by doing and sharing we can be a source of ever growing change.”


Shannon is currently studying horticulture whilst working for a native woodland charity.

“To me, being a force for nature means taking responsibility for our future and making small changes to achieve the bigger goal – a natural world!


Kai is a keen environmentalist who is passionate about the natural world.

“I am currently working for Moor Trees, a charity working to restore native woodland on Dartmoor, and in 2017 I co-founded the charity Tree by Tree, which brings communities together to celebrate the planting of new woodland.  

For me, being a Force for Nature means remembering that we are a part of the natural world. Through interacting with, and paying attention to nature, we realise that the separation between ‘us’ and ‘nature’ is artificial. To be a force for nature is to be a force for life.”


Abby is a seasoned #iwill campaigner, who is speaking up for Scotland’s young people and nature. Abby is currently studying medicine and thoroughly enjoying her placements.

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With thanks to our Ambassador Programme partner, Kusuma Trust UK