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Meet our Senior Ambassadors

The Young Tree Champion Senior Ambassadors help inspire children and young people to form a deeper connection with the natural world and learn to be a #ForceForNature by taking action to tackle the climate and nature crisis.


James is an award-winning environmental artist who turns used scratch cards and other recycled materials into breathtaking art.

James' Profile


Benjamin is a music artist and singer-songwriter who uses his music to help people understand the value of connection, be it with each other or the natural world.

Ben's Profile


Nell is a student who supports Teach the Future and is part of the campaign to include climate education in the national curriculum.

Nell's Profile


Amy founded environmental education charity Another Way. Her aim is to give people the motivation to change their lives to make a positive difference!

Amy's Profile


Marvin is fourteen and is passionate about trees, sport and drama.

Marvin's Profile


Muhammed is a young writer and advocate of nature-based approaches to mental health. He’s travelled across the country delivering his powerful messages to everyone from sector leaders to schoolchildren.

Muhammed's Profile


Niamh is a passionate environmentalist currently studying geography at Oxford. She is working hard to raise awareness of sustainable farming practices to combat climate change and protect wildlife.

Niamh's Profile


Tayshan is a footballer and founder of Grow2Know, a non-profit based in London that is building gardens to inspire, education and heal whilst empowering more diverse.

Tayshan's Profile


Harry is an environmentalist, writer and keen bird watcher. He is currrently working to help young people find the skills and confidence to express their own love for nature through writing.

Harry's Profile


Emmerson is the London Youth Games Ambassador for Lewisham (LYG33) and plays for QPR Academy.


Kai is a keen environmentalist who is passionate about the natural world and a current apprentice at Moor Trees.


Laura is an environmentalist, currently working for Moor Trees, a charity aiming to restore native woodland in the South West.

Latest Ambassador news

Read all about the ambassadors latest news.

James Owen Thomas meets the Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing Street

James was selected by the Prime Minister’s officer to be a One Step Greener COP26 Ambassador. He was selected from over 500 nominations and was invited to meet the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street. James attended COP26 where he showcased some of his amazing artwork.

Britain’s answer to Greta Thunberg

Amy was invited to COP26 and was interviewed by the Metro paper on all her amazing work. She has also become a presenter on the BBC Bitesize programme The Regenerators!

Marvin is world class!

Marvin has been invited to the World Class Schools awards ceremony as part of celebrating his role in The Tree Council’s COP26 film which was aired at COP in Glasgow.

50,000 streams and counting!

Reaction to Benjamin’s Force for Nature Song and film soundtrack has been amazing.

“Benjamin’s new single Force for Nature Song in association with The Tree Council is the best of the best.’’ – The Brum Radio.

Laura, Kai and Shannon’s Olympic Discovery Day

Laura, Kai and Shannon presented at the Discovery Day at the Olympic Park in East London, sharing their experiences of being Young Tree Champion Ambassadors.

Muhammed performs ‘Bygones’ his Force for Nature Festival poem at COP26

Muhammed’s poem written for our Force for Nature Festival has reached new heights. Muhammed was invited through his role at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to performed his poem ‘Bygones’ at COP26 as part of an event titled the North West Presents: Talking about my Generation.

Ambassador videos

Take a look at some of the inspiring work our ambassadors are doing as part of our Force for Nature Campaign!

Ambassador video

Message to COP26 leaders

Im response to world leaders meeting in Glasgow for COP26, our ambassadors got together to send them a message: act now!


Ambassador Video

Ambassador Get Together

In summer 2021 the Ambassadors met at Birmingham Botanic Gardens to work with renowned artist and campaigner Rachel Gadsden. This was a chance to reflect on what they have achieved.


Ambassador Video

Climate Festival Messages

Our ambassadors spoke at our virtual Force for Nature Climate Festival, sharing what being a force for nature means to them, helping to inspire hundreds of school children across the country.


With thanks to our Ambassador Programme partner, Kusuma Trust UK