Our hedgerow whips were delivered to us from The Tree Council, from Tom Adams Fruit Tree Nursery, last Friday (3rd March). We ‘heeled them in’: planting bunches of whips in most peat-free compost as we had a busy week ahead. Over the week, keen pupils worked with our premises officer and our pastoral lead to dig out two trenches – one for wildflowers and another for the new hedgerow. On Friday, with the help of a parent, we began planting the whips, where groups of pupils came out to help. We have some more hedge plants arriving over the next weeks to fill out our hedge planting, but it is now mostly planted. We are looking forward to the wildlife it will attract over the coming years. Follow our story on: https://burlingtonnfnews.edublogs.org/2023/03/11/our-new-hedgerow/