We received our mixture of orchard trees in January and planted some in our school garden. The Primary members of our Eco Club requested fruit trees in their playground, so together we investigated planting sites and planted an apple and a plum tree in their playground. The Eco Club children reported back that the trees were not being respected in the way they had hoped, so they made a presentation and told all the primary children why the trees had been planted and that it was the responsibility of everyone to look after them. The Eco Club also ensure the trees are watered every week until they become established. We are still working together to make sure the trees are respected by ALL pupils.
The primary Eco Club have also made bee hotels for mason bees to lay their eggs in after we discovered that mason bees are important pollinators of fruit trees in the Spring. Mason bee cocoons were brought to the school garden from another garden and we watched to see how many had hatched, although we didn’t see anything emerging. Some of the new bee hotels have been occupied. Our school garden Generations Working Together volunteers are helping the children to care for our fruit trees by cutting the grass and mulching around them. We are looking forward to picking the fruit when the trees are big enough, and cooking it at school.