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About Nell

Nell is an 18 year old activist from South Bucks. She has been involved in environmental advocacy from a young age through the youth climate movement, participating in school strikes and going on to volunteer with Teach the Future, a campaign centred around climate education.

“It was my passion for sharing my knowledge and love for the environment that drew me to the Force for Nature campaign. For me being a Force for Nature is about striving to go above and beyond to protect our natural environment and to promote and share our connection with others.” – Nell

Summary of Impacts

  • Nell has promoted the Force for Nature message through speeches and video content, helping raise funds for and the profile of the Young Tree Champions (YTC) Programme.
  • Through her participation in visits to YTC schools, she has also had the opportunity to  spread the campaign message and share her experiences with young people across the country
  • Working with other ambassadors Nell has been hugely involved in the campaign right from the start

“Through the platform of the campaign, I’ve been able to bring my advocacy skills and passion for environmental issues and use these to share the values of the campaign in order to reach out to more young people.” – Nell

Connection With Nature

Before her involvement in the campaign, Nell appreciated a connection with nature through her enjoyment of the outdoors, with a love for hiking and rock climbing. However, this connection has been hugely strengthened through the campaign, through learning more about nature and hearing first hand of its importance to others.

“The Force for Nature campaign has completely changed the way I see myself in relation to the natural world. Rather than seeing it as them and us, I have begun to understand the intrinsic link between people and nature and the importance of this in solving environmental problems.” – Nell

Skills and Knowledge Learnt

  • Public speaking
  • Content creation
  • Working on group projects
  • Communication
  • Knowledge on trees and natur

“The most important skill that I’ve developed through this campaign has been how to better communicate my thoughts and ideas and channel these into effective advocacy. Whether this be through public speaking or content creation this has been a huge focus of the campaign for me.”- Nell

Professional Development and Advocacy Work

The Force for Nature campaign has been invaluable in helping Nell to build skills required in the workplace and gain a better sense of where her skills could be valued within the environmental sector. As part of her work as an ambassador, Nell took on a week’s work experience with the Tree Council which allowed her to experience first hand the workings of an NGO.

“The work I’ve done as part of the YTC campaign and the skills I’ve gained is something I’ve already drawn from in University interviews and will no doubt continue to in the future. It’s had a profound effect on my confidence as a communicator, a skill that will be vital for whatever career path I choose to pursue.” – Nell