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About Muhammed

Muhammed is 14 years old and from Bolton. He is a keen writer and advocate of nature-based approaches to mental health. His passion for trees has led him to volunteer as a Young Ranger in the National Parks, as well as participating as an ambassador for the Festival of Nature campaign.

“I am 14 years old and for me, being a Force For Nature means caring for, protecting and promoting our relationship with trees and the environment. It means finding something special whether it is serenity, solace, or adventure. It means increasing our joy by sharing it with others.” – Muhammed.

Muhammed at a glance

  • NAME: Muhammed
  • LOCATION: Bolton
  • ROLE: Ambassador
  • TALENTS: Poet, writer and advocate
  • IMPACTS: Has performed his poem written for the Force for Nature festival at COP 26. Has given speeches about the nature and climate crises to schools as a part of The Tree Council’s national schools programme.


  • Muhammed’s poem ‘Bygones’ that was written for the Tree Council’s Force For Nature Festival reached new heights when he was invited to perform the poem at COP26 as part of an event titled ‘the North West Presents: Talking About My Generation’.
  • He has made speeches about the nature and climate crises in assemblies as a part of the national schools programme, as well as live to hundreds of schools attending the Force for Nature festivals.
  • Making connections with the other ambassadors, who Muhammed has really looked up to and been inspired by, has been a really important component of the campaign for Muhammed.
  • Muhammed believes that his public speaking has improved greatly as a result of taking part in the various training sessions run on behalf of the campaign over zoom, with an example being the speakers trust workshops.

“Being a part of the ambassador programme has made me me feel so happy. Supporting a cause that was bigger than myself has been incredible”

Connection With Nature

Before becoming an ambassador, Muhammed felt connected to nature through walking, hiking and his voluntary work. However, he feels that the programme has improved his relationship with the natural world by creating a deeper connection that roots itself in each aspect of his life. Muhammed demonstrates his appreciation of nature through his poetry, writing and even art. Additionally, he says that through immersive days such as Big Bang, his perspective of how we can all tackle the nature and climate crises has changed and he feels emboldened to inspire young people throughout the UK who can also make a difference.

“The way I appreciate nature has changed. I can now appreciate nature through poetry, writing and art. The festival was something that I think was really big for me. Running the workshop with Rachel, combining two art forms and appreciating nature with those art forms. Through being an ambassador, I have a newly found gratitude for the natural world.”

Skills and Knowledge Learnt

Below are some of the skills and knowledge that Muhammed feels that he has acquired as a result of being an ambassador:

  • Public speaking
  • Event planning
  • Collaborating with others
  • Project management
  • Campaigning
  • Advocacy work
  • The ability to learn through others
  • Broadened knowledge on tree health
  • Knowledge of tree identification

Professional Development and Advocacy Work

Muhammed tells us that the ambassador programme has given him a lot to put on his CV, which he feels will become the building blocks for a future career. He believes the that the skills he has acquired, such as project management and public speaking, will be invaluable in his future.

Muhammed feels that through learning more about campaigning and advocacy work, he has built leadership skills and most importantly, the confidence to take opportunities.

“A lot that of what I have done with The Tree Council can go on my CV. The past year has essentially been the start of my career.  It has helped me to understand what I want to do in the future and given me the tools to pursue it.” – Muhammed.