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About Marvin

Marvin is fifteen years old, from Lewisham, and is passionate about trees, sport and drama. He has been part of the young mayor’s office in Lewisham, a member of the Lewisham Youth Theatre and is keen to inspire young people to become more environmentally conscious. One of Marvin’s goals is to make his community more eco-friendly and to incorporate as much of the natural world into Lewisham as possible.

“In my spare time I like to watch anime films and play hockey. I have a keen interest in drama both in and outside of school. I wish to be a successful actor, director and writer and want to inspire many young people to act. I am grateful to have this role as a tree champion as it will be one of my key priorities to encourage young people to understand the benefits and characteristics of trees.” – Marvin

Marvin starred in our video message for COP26

Marvin at a glance

  • NAME: Marvin
  • LOCATION: Lewisham, London
  • ROLE: Senior Ambassador
  • TALENTS: Filmmaking, directing, architecture
  • IMPACT: Involved in the making of the COP26 film, increased environmental engagement inside and outside of his school, a significant increase in his connection with nature, inspired children and young people throughout the UK to stand up for nature.

Summary of Impacts

  • Involved in the making of The Tree Council’s COP26 film
  • Increased environmental engagement inside and outside of his school
  • A significant increase in his connection with nature
  • Has inspired children and young people within his community to stand up for nature
  • Improved confidence to speak up for issues that he cares about
  • Motivated to become a Force for Nature in his city

Connection With Nature

As a result of being part of the Force For Nature programme over the past year, Marvin has felt a rapid increase in his connectivity to nature. Not only does he have the ability to identify trees and comprehend their vital importance, but he feels a deeper connection with the natural world around him. Being an ambassador has given Marvin a renewed focus on nature, one that he believes provides him with a sense of tranquility, motivation and optimism for the future. Marvin has gained the ability to look beyond the seemingly urban landscape that Lewisham appears to be, and to instead build a relationship with the natural beauty that exists within the borough. He believes that there are a lot of wonderful pockets of nature in places like Lewisham and throughout London, and is inspired by the ‘Force For Nature’ campaign to amplify their potential.

Skills and Knowledge Learnt

  • Understanding tree health
  • Tree knowledge and identification
  • Understanding trees’ vital role in tackling the nature and climate crises
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence
  • Experience working with industry professionals
  • Advocacy skills
  • Courage to be bold within his advocacy

Professional Development and Advocacy Work

  • Advocacy skills
  • An extensive list of highlights to put on his CV
  • Opportunity to be a part of the ‘Force For Nature’ Festival
  • Vastly improved communication skills
  • The ability to be composed under pressure