We’re here, to let you know that beetles are a very great member of the insect family. Beetles are important but sometimes people don’t care about them and they should! At the very least, help them by being kind and letting them roam around nature, without being disturbed. But, if you want to be a #ForceForNature, tell everyone why, everyone of us, must take action for beetles.

To find out a bit more, we’ve been interviewing Beetle Blue:

Beetle Blue: Hi, I’m Beetle Blue – I’m very excited to be here!
Year 4: So, why are beetles important?
Beetle Blue: Beetles are important because many of us are pollinators. We help to provide food for humans. The plants we pollinate are food for you, but also for lots of other animals too.
Year 4: So, beetles are important to the world. They are pollinators and help the world to survive?
Beetle Blue: Yes, but we need your help. We are in danger because many of us are going through habitat loss and we need a home.
Year 4: Oh, that’s terrible. How can we help?
Beetle Blue: Well, you could provide deadwood habitat for us. It’s really quite easy! For example, you can make a beetle bucket – it’s basically a home for beetles. You can search online for how to make one. Oh, and please don’t use pesticides because they are very bad for us!
Year 4: But, what about the pests?
Beetle Blue: Well, some of the beetles, like ladybugs, are mini pest controllers that eat a lot of aphids. Give us a chance.
Year 4: What else can you tell us, to get people on your side?
Beetle Blue: Beetles are important for nature because they feed the hedgehogs and birds that you humans love. We also recycle nutrients back into the soil.
Year 4: Thank you Beetle Blue. We will let everyone know that many of you are under threat. We are the people who can help our planet!

Help us look after nature because nature is in trouble and all we are doing is ignoring her. Make it better for beetles!

Beetle Buckets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m5ftVoeSqM