Our school is a small village school of just 41 children, and although there may not be many of us, we know we can make a big impact. We are so excited to be part of the Young Tree Champions and cannot wait to get our orchard planted. We’re planting our trees in an area of our school grounds that we call ‘The Secret Garden’. It’s a magical space tucked away in a sunny but cosy part of the school grounds, however, since the beginning of Covid, we’ve found it difficult to keep on top of the garden and give it the attention it needs. We have made it our mission to give the garden the love and attention it needs to bring it back to life and encourage all of the insects and biodiversity to come back! We plan to use the garden to have our lessons in the summer and throughout the year, to use as a place to relax, to learn about biodiversity, to invite our local community to events like coffee and tea afternoons and easter egg hunts and lots of other seasonal celebrations, and also, to grow our own fruit and veg that we will use to create tasty dishes with!

We have a huge hedge in the middle of the space that has been ravaged by brambles, so that will be taken out in order to make space for our beautiful new fruit trees. We also have a big pond where we will be introducing plants that love the water and can act as shelter for frogs and other water-loving creatures.

We want to create a bug hotel to provide a cosy little weekend getaway for any travelling critters! We’ll be using lots of different materials to create different levels to accommodate different bugs. We have no doubt it will be a 5 star hotel!

We are just at the beginning of our journey – a journey that we hope will be continued by many children to come as we make our way through little school and into big school.

We may be tiny, but we are mighty, just like the Great Oaks and Weeping Willows that grow from tiny seeds, and at a time when nature is unable to defend itself against the hands of humans, we want to help and be a Force for Nature!