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Become a Junior Ambassador!

Now is the time to be a #ForceForNature and tackle the climate and nature crisis. We are looking for determined, creative and passionate young people to become Junior Ambassadors who can grow their connections with trees and nature and find the courage to speak up in their school, community and across the UK.

Who can apply? 

Signing up is easy. Registered schools or youth clubs can apply through a nomination by a teacher or youth leader. The age range is 7 to 14 years old (KS2 and KS3).

What is the role of a Junior Ambassador? 

The role of a Young Tree Champion Junior Ambassador is to complete one at least one mission (set by a Senior Ambassador during a masterclass) such a piece of nature-art of writing a story. Each masterclass will help them complete their mission. Missions aim to help them grow their creative talents to connect with trees and nature and to raise awareness of why trees matter and the nature crisis and how to take action in their school, community and with other Junior Ambassadors across the UK.

Ambassador resources and pack.

If selected, Junior Ambassadors will become part of a 100-strong team of talented Junior Ambassadors from schools from across the UK. Each ambassador will receive a pin-badge to wear with pride a work booklet and the opportunity to choose some brilliant masterclasses delivered by our inspirational Senior Ambassadors.

Supporting your Junior Ambassadors  

As the lead teacher or youth leader your role is to find and nominate up to four talented, passionate and committed children (Young Tree Champions) to become Junior Ambassadors. You will then need to complete the application form together. Need help? Please read our application guidance, FAQs and T&C for further tips and information.

Apply as soon as possible to make sure your ambassadors get a place on a masterclass!

There is a limited number of spaces available, so apply as soon as possible!

This is a really special opportunity for successful Junior Ambassadors who will be able to choose from a variety of brilliant masterclasses (tailored for KS2 and KS3). Delivered by our team of talented Senior Ambassadors. Masterclass activities include art, story writing, poetry, music, public speaking, all aimed to help them grow their connections and speak up for nature.

Who is delivering the masterclasses and when? 

The Senior Ambassadors are delivering the Masterclasses which are being scheduled for the Spring Term, beginning in Early March and finishing in May. All masterclasses will be delivered in school time 12:15 to 1pm. KS2 and KS3 masterclasses will be recorded so if a Junior Ambassador can’t make the live virtual class they can watch it in their own time.

Does our school need to be delivering a Young Tree Champion project to nominate a Junior Ambassador?

No, your school does not have to have applied to deliver a Young Tree Champion project. However you do need to be registered as a Young Tree Champion Club, which can easily be done here, and be running nature activities with your pupils in your school. 

Meet Siddi and Bella

Siddi and Bella were selected at the start of the year to help us develop the Junior Ambassador programme.


“Being a Force For Nature to me is really great. We could be the people that make a huge difference to the whole world” – Siddi


“When I was younger, I was really shy, but getting involved in the programme has really improved my confidence. Being a Junior Ambassador has made me realise that I should do this more often, so that my voice can get heard.” – Bella

To find out more about Siddy’s role as a Junior Ambassador click here.

To find out more about Bella’s role as a Junior Ambassador click here.

Need help applying?

Here is our pack of useful information for teachers and youth leaders to help you nominate and complete the Junior Ambassador application form.

If you have any questions left unanswered, feel free to drop us an email –

Junior Ambassador Webinar

Learn more

Watch our Junior Ambassador webinar and learn about the opportunities and application proccess.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Junior Ambassador’s role?

The Junior Ambassador’s role is to support the lead teacher (or youth leader) and Young Tree Champions in delivering a Young Tree Champion project or club activities in their school (or youth group) leading on raising awareness by sharing news about their activities in fun and creative ways (art, stories, poetry, music), through various media including newsletters, blogs, videos, displays, assemblies, events.  

Encourage other children and young people in their school to be a Force For Nature. During masterclasses Junior Ambassadors will also need to be willing to collaborate with other Junior Ambassadors from across the UK and participate in press and regional events, as and when opportunities arise.   

What is the difference between a Young Tree Champion and a Junior Ambassador?

Young Tree Champions are responsible for connecting, learning, caring and sharing the power of trees to help them deliver their school (youth) project or club activities. The difference is Junior Ambassador’s need to demonstrate leadership, in terms of listening and supporting other Young Tree Champions in delivering their project or club activities in their school. Also using their new creative ideas and skills (gained from master classes) to connect to nature and raise awareness of their activities with the rest of the school and wider community in creative ways.    

When will we find out if our nomination has been successful?

Within 2 weeks of submitting your entry.

Who can be nominated to be a Junior Ambassador?

Your school or youth group must be registered on the Young Tree Champion programme to nominate a Junior Ambassador. If you are not yet a registered, create a free club account today and recruit your Young Tree Champions. Find out more here.Students must be Young Tree Champions (involved in a Young Tree Champion project or club) to be nominated for the Junior Ambassador role.  

Who can nominate a Young Tree Champion to become a Junior Ambassador and how?

A teacher (or youth leader) can nominate a Young Tree Champion by completing the Junior Ambassador application form. We recommend that the teacher completes the application form with the Young Tree Champion as there are four questions they will need to answer see application guidance for further support. We also recommend that lead teachers gain parental/guardian consent for schools to nominate a child to become a Junior Ambassador.  

How many Young Tree Champions per school can be nominated to be a Junior Ambassador?

Up to four students per school can be nominated to become a Junior Ambassador.  

Does The Tree Council have a safeguarding policy and do the Senior Ambassadors have DBS certificates?

Yes, all the National Schools Tree Council staff have enhanced DBS certificates. The Senior Ambassadors also have an enhanced DBS certificate and have received safeguarding training. A member of The Tree Council staff will be in attendance at every masterclass. For further information please read our safeguarding policy on the Young Tree Champion website.

What is the age range of Junior Ambassadors?

Junior Ambassadors can be aged between 7 and 14 years old.   

Will all successful ambassadors receive exactly the same support and training regardless of their age and ability?

No, we want all ambassadors to get the maximum benefit from their training so we will tailor masterclasses to deliver bespoke training for primary, secondary and special school pupils. We will also gather feedback after each masterclass so that we can adapt future sessions. 


How long does the Junior Ambassador role last for and how much time will they need to commit to being a Junior Ambassador, beyond being a Young Tree Champion.

The role lasts until the end of the summer term. Junior Ambassadors will need to commit the same amount of time as they would as a Young Tree Champion to delivering their project. In addition, they will be required to attend at least one masterclass and complete at least one challenge during school hours to gain the skills needed to fulfil their role and creatively raise awareness of the importance of trees and nature and their Young Tree Champion project or club activities. This will take a total of between 1 and 3 hours to complete, between March and May.  

What are the 5 steps a Junior Ambassador needs to follow to be a successful ambassador?

Step 1: Junior Ambassadors will receive their Junior Ambassador pack from their lead teacher containing an ambassador pin-badge, ambassador passport (to be signed by their teacher) and an email of congratulations from The Tree Council included in the email will be a link inviting the Junior Ambassadors to choose their masterclasses.  

Step 2: The lead teacher will need to discuss with their new Junior Ambassadors which masterclasses they would like to attend and how it will benefit their Young Tree Champion project or club activities.  

Step 3: Junior Ambassadors can attend the virtual masterclass (during school hours) or watch the recording (out of school hours), if necessary, which will be accessible on the website within the following few days.  

Step 4: Junior Ambassadors will then need to complete the mission set during the masterclass. This is likely to involve creating either a picture, story, poem, song or speech and sharing it with the Young Tree Champions and the rest of the school via either a blog, post on social media, display, assembly or other means. 

Step 5: By the 1st of June the lead teacher will need to have emailed evidence of the Junior Ambassadors’ completed missions. A signed certificate will then be posted to the school, before the end of term. Junior Ambassadors are required to complete at least one mission. Each mission will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.  


How much support do teachers receive to support Junior Ambassadors?

The teacher who is currently leading the Young Tree Champion project or club in your school and nominating Junior Ambassadors will receive an email with further details about how best to support their Junior Ambassadors, including a link to the schedule of masterclasses on Eventbrite. Junior Ambassadors continue to be members of your Young Tree Champions club, however we estimate that an additional 1-2 hours will be required from teachers to support their Junior Ambassadors, over the year. These additional hours are likely to be centred on supporting their Junior Ambassadors to attend the masterclass or watch a pre-recorded version and deliver their mission (write a poem, song, speech etc) for an assembly or blog post.  

How much time will parents/guardians need to support Junior Ambassadors?

A parent or guardian will be responsible for consenting to their child being nominated to become a Junior Ambassador. The Junior Ambassadors will be set a mission which can be delivered out of school hours (writing a poem, speech, song) so we would be keen for parents to support them with this activity if possible.     

What masterclasses will Junior Ambassadors receive?

Masterclasses will begin with a ‘’Being a Junior Ambassador’’ introductory workshop. This will be followed by a suite of exciting, inspirational and interactive workshops throughout the spring and summer terms, which Junior Ambassadors will be able to book onto in advance. Masterclasses are all designed to support Junior Ambassadors in raising awareness of the importance of trees and their project or club activities. All masterclasses will be recorded for Junior Ambassadors who can then watch in their own time.  


If you have any other questions, please email 

Young Tree Champions Junior Application Form

 Please note to nominate a Young Tree Champion to become a Junior Ambassador you must be registered as a Young Tree Champion club go to login to register.