Today the group conducted a survey of the different insects found in our forest school area following on from making our bug hotels last week. We found: Snails, Woodlice, worms, centipedes and slugs. We saw one fly, however no other flying insects today.

We talked about our findings and considered the different places the insects were found. Snails were found in the most locations, woodlice under rocks and worms in the soil.

We considered as a group the impact that insects had on the environment. We talked about how the insects enrich the soil for the trees to grow, and they move pollen from plant to plant in order for them to reproduce. We looked at the insects in our environment and considered if they were pests or partners.

We used the internet to support us find out what different insects did to support the environment. We discovered that spiders were helpful by getting rid of pest insects, that wasps bees and butterflies all pollenate plants, and that worms, beetles centipedes and woodlice help make the soil fertile for plants to grow in.

We considered how many of our insects were on the partners list and decided we needed more pollinators. We think that introducing more flowers will attract more pollinators to our environment.