Catch up on our Force For Nature Festivals, hear Young Tree Champions speaking up for trees and read our Beacon School case studies.

“The biggest benefits that have we gained from our YTC project are a much greater focus, students asking a lot more questions, taking an interest in the environment and generally having a more engaged approach to all tasks.” Beacon School Teacher.

Our Impact

The Young Tree Champions motto is to be a Force For Nature. We do this by:

  • Growing a deeper connection with each other, trees and nature
  • Learning about the amazing role of trees and nature in tackling the climate and nature crises
  • Taking responsibility to care for trees and nature
  • Finding the courage to speak up and share their knowledge and passion for trees and nature to inspire others.

Map key:

  • Yellow tree = Young Tree Champion Club Accounts
  • Blue tree = Young Tree Champion Project Schools 2020-21
  • Green tree = Young Tree Champion National Beacon Schools
  • Purple tree = Young Tree Champion Project Schools 2021-22

Over the last year…

National Beacon Schools

The Young Tree Champion Beacon Schools have gone the extra mile to be a Force For Nature. Excelling in connecting, learning, caring and sharing the power of trees and nature. Developing their school grounds through planting talking tree trails to expanding their Forest School area and orchard, to engaging the school and wider community through events, talks and even films!

Learn more about our Beacon schools in the case studies below:

Pinner Wood Case StudyLlanmartin Case StudySt Alban's Case Study

Speaking Up

We inspired and empowered young people from across the country to find their voice and Speak Up for Trees and Nature. Hear some fantastic Young Tree Champions Speaking Up for Trees and Nature.

Force For Nature Festivals

The Tree Council has teamed up with M&G plc and Kusuma Trust and partners, including Eco-schools, Forest Schools and Youth Scotland, to deliver two online Force for Nature Festivals. The festivals bring together schools from across the UK to celebrate and share their achievements and Force For Nature journey.

Force For Nature Festival

England & Wales

Festival highlights:

  • Special guest Lucy Lapwing, as seen on BBC Springwatch, inspiring you to take action and be a #ForceForNature
  • Hear passionate speeches from young people across England and Wales who are speaking up for trees and nature
  • Meet our incredible young ambassadors who will share their personal stories through live illustration created by renowned artist Rachel Gadsden
  • The exclusive first play of the Force For Nature song, written by own ambassador singer-songwriter Benjamin Haycock, former ITV’s The Voice contestant

Force For Nature Climate Festival

Scotland & Northern Ireland

Festival highlights:

  • Renowned artist Rachel Gadsden, leading an interactive art activity to create a Force For Nature Forest
  • Special guest, member of the Scottish Young People’s Forest Aidan Cronin, explaining how the Young Scots project is empowering young people to be a force for nature and helping to tackle the climate and nature crises
  • Meet our incredible Ambassadors, inspiring you to take action and be a #ForceForNature
  • Awards: The announcement of the winner of the Speaking Up for Trees and Nature competition and the Young Tree Champion Beacon Schools for 2021
  • The exclusive first play of The Tree Council’s Force For Nature COP26 message 

Supporting the Force For Nature campaign

Hear from some of our Young Tree Champions and others who support our Force for Nature campaign, including the John Foley, Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith, Rachel Gadsden and Jonathan Drori, CBE.

But don’t just take our word for it…

After lockdown, the class significantly lacked confidence in computing and problem solving. Many gave up after their first attempt. The talking tree trail really captured their imagination and they worked together to overcome the challenges, with all pupils contributing to a successful outcome.

Julie Newman, St Alban's CoE Primary, Beacon School

The kids haven't stopped talking about it!

Clare Jones, Plantation Primary, Beacon School in LIverpool

A lot of what I have done with The Tree Council can go on my CV. The past year has essentially been the start of my career. It has helped me to understand what I want to do in the future and given me the tools to pursue it.

Muhammed Amin, Senior Ambassador

Two children from our wee school in Scotland, in an area of multiple deprivation, have held their head high in participating and being successful in the Speaking Up For Trees and Nature competition has left me speechless! I'm bursting with pride for our children.

Springside Primary school, Irvine, Scotland

It was a unique experience because we don't normally create raps in school. Benjamin was fun to work with because he included everyone and had a really good voice.

Y5 pupil, Prendergast Primary, Beacon School in Lewisham

The voices of young people and the incredible work, passion and wisdom they evidence are so exciting. Loved the art, the music and the joy of this. I am left weepy and thrilled. Such vitally important work you are engaging in.

Sarah Lawfull, Chair of Forest Schools Association