Our Eco Crew and some Year 3 children planted our new hedgerow whips with the support of our local Woodland and Rewilding Officer and some volunteer Tree Wardens. The children had a great afternoon digging, planting and mulching. We planted the hedging as part of a project to improve the biodiversity of our school grounds. Along with the Hedgerow Zone, we have planted a Wildflower Zone and allocated an area as a Rewilding Zone.
We let our parents know what we were up to via the School Half-termly Bulletin and via the school Facebook Page. We have forwarded photographs to the Woodland and Rewilding Officer for her to share our project on the Walsall Healthy Spaces Facebook page and we plan to do a press release in the near future. The hedgerow whips are already budding as we are watering and monitoring them regularly.