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About Harry

Harry was captivated by art and writing from a young age, but his love for nature emerged following a chance encounter with a pair of kestrels. After being mistaken for an abnormally large crow and mobbed by the birds, Harry was impassioned with the natural world. His new-found deep respect and awe for nature spurred him to complete a Diploma in Land and Wildlife at college, and to create his grassroots conservation project Save The House Sparrow.

“For me, being a Force For Nature means giving volume to the voices that aren’t always heard, to be that voice for forests being consumed for industry, of people in urban areas, unable to connect with nature, or the absent voices, of all those who lost their connection with nature.” – Harry.

Summary of Impacts

  • Harry has supported large events such as Wisley Discovery Day, helping at workshops to encourage young people to find words that capture their feelings on nature and the environment.
  • During National Hedgerow Week, Harry assisted with delivering the online lesson on hedgerows, their wildlife, and how we can protect them. In total, nearly 80 schools attended the lesson.
  • Through creating video content, Harry helped promote the Story In Nature Competition by The Week Junior magazine, and has encouraged more young people to write outside in nature.
  • Harry has given several interviews, advocating for hedgerows, wildlife, and why others should join The Tree Council and become a Force For Nature.

Harry at a glance:

  • LOCATION: Portsmouth
  • ROLE: Senior Ambassador
  • TALENTS: Writing, wildlife conservation, knowledge of birds, ecology, advocacy, public speaking, communication
  • Impacts: Helped out with National Hedgerow Week, delivers webinars on nature, assists with workshops, created video content to enthuse young people with writing, nature, and becoming a Force For Nature.

Connection With Nature

Following Harry’s unintentional encounter with the kestrels, he developed an deep and persistent connection with nature, spending all of his free time birdwatching and hiking. However, he describes this connection as a solitary love of those activities, and tells us that since joining The Tree Council and meeting other like-minded young people, his passion has been amplified. Now he says, being able to advocate for nature publicly, it’s become a bigger part of his life, and his ties with nature and the outdoors have become widespread.

Skills and Knowledge Learnt

  • Public speaking
  • Deeper engagement with environmentalism and activism
  • Event organisation
  • Storytelling skills
  • Further experience working around young people

Professional Development and Advocacy Work

Harry describes his dream job as “something communications-based, in wildlife conservation” and says that through working with The Tree Council to create content and engage young people with nature this ambition has been solidified. Already, the work he has undertaken as an ambassador has provided him with ample experience in this field, which he feels will help as a springboard to his dream career of advocating for wildlife conservation and sustainable education.