Beacon Schools are exemplary schools that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to addressing the climate emergency in their school grounds and through their teaching and learning.

Benefits of being a Beacon School

  • Additional trees and hedgerow packs, tailored to your school’s plans

  • Additional free technology, such as wildlife cameras

  • Opportunities to trial and develop new resources

  • Partnerships with other schools and organisations

  • In-school workshops and experiences for pupils

  • Access to a regional leader for bespoke support

Want to know more?

What does it mean to be a beacon school?

Read about our Beacon Schools

Find out about the journey that some of our Beacon Schools have been on and the work they are carrying out to tackle the nature emergency.

Trees, health and wellbeing

Pinner Wood Primary

By developing their outdoor learning area and embedding its use into the curriculum, new opportunities were created for pupils to engage with trees and nature in a beautiful outdoor space.

Trees, health and wellbeing

Llanmartin Primary School

The school has created new learning opportunities for their students, including a high quality outdoor teaching resource to engage students in learning across the curriculum.

Trees and Biodiversity

St Alban’s CE (Aided) Primary School

This student-led project developed the biodiversity of the school grounds, for the whole community.