Our annual Story in Nature competition, in partnership with The Week Junior Science+Nature, allows young people to express their love of trees and nature through writing. Whether you write a poem or a piece of prose, fiction or non-fiction, we want you to tap into why nature is important to you.

We aren’t currently accepting applications, but don’t let that stop your creativity!

Exploring nature through writing

Your Story in Nature might be a poem about your favourite tree, a story told from the perspective of an acorn or a description of a green space that you really love. It might be set in the past, present or future, on earth or elsewhere. See where the seeds of your imagination take you!

To help you get started, we’ve created this handy guide full of tips and ideas. By telling nature’s story, we can all make a difference – so let’s get creative for our planet!

This competition isn’t currently open but we’d still love to hear your stories…

Tell your story!

We know just how important trees are. They give us the oxygen we need to live while also enhancing our lives, making us feel calmer when things are tough. It’s time to speak up and tell your story in nature! And if you need a little bit more help and inspiration, watch our Young Tree Champion Ambassador, writer Harry Munt’s video for top tips.