School Ambassadors are passionate young people who want to deepen their connections with trees and nature and feel empowered to speak up in their school, community and across the UK.

What is a School Ambassador?

A passionate young person, engaged with the Young Tree Champions programme, nominated by their teacher or youth leader to develop their advocacy for trees and nature.

School Ambassadors have access to unique online masterclasses to help them take action and creatively share their message about nature. Masterclasses, delivered by our talented Senior Ambassadors, include art, poetry, story writing and public speaking.

Who can apply?

Nominations will open in April 2024 for the next cohort of School Ambassadors. Schools or youth clubs registered with the Young Tree Champions programme can apply through a nomination by a teacher or youth leader. The age range of pupils nominated is 7 to 14 years old. If selected, School Ambassadors will become part of a team of talented ambassadors from schools from across the UK. Each ambassador will attend brilliant masterclasses delivered by our inspirational YTC Ambassadors. We do welcome nominations for pupils who have been School Ambassadors in a previous academic year.

Prior to applying, please read our Terms and Conditions and Safeguarding Policy.

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