Niamh is 19 years old from a small village in Bedfordshire – although she is now living in Oxford, partly studying for a degree in Geography and partly exploring the University Parks in search of Long-tailed tits and Ginkgo trees!

More about Niamh

Being from a farming family, Niamh has grown up keenly aware of how the current farming system is failing nature, the climate, farm animals and farmers themselves, and is determined to revolutionise the way we produce our food.

Connection with nature

Niamh was born with a connection to nature and says that “we’re farmers, so it’s in our bones”. She has been working on the farm with her Grandad from the day that she could walk. He’d often point out birds, trees and wildflowers. Niamh says that he didn’t know their real names, but had his own special name for them all.

Niamh would now like to work to heal the pain that humans have inflicted on nature and let the natural world flourish once again. She claims that through meeting other young people through the campaign who share the same feelings, her connection has become more resonant in its very nature.


Benefits of Being an Ambassador…

  • Making connections with other like-minded young people
  • Participated in major tree planting schemes
  • Developing presenting skills
  • Reaffirming career direction and passion


“It is so important that we as ambassadors try and inspire the next generation. They are the ones who will take over from us and are the ones which we will hand the baton onto. It is absolutely pivotal that they are on board”