Muhammed is a keen writer and advocate of nature-based approaches to mental health.

More about Muhammed

His passion for trees has led him to volunteer for a number of local organisations. Muhammed joined the Young Tree Champion Junior Ambassador programme in April 2021. Since then, he has made an incredible contribution to the programme and to the wider Force For Nature campaign through contributing to two online festival workshops, being an advocate for the campaign at COP26 where he performed his festival poem and other notable events.

Connection with nature

Before becoming an Ambassador, Muhammed had already developed a connection to nature through walking, hiking and his voluntary work. Muhammed attests that he now truly appreciates nature through his beloved poetry, writing and art work. Additionally, through participating in youth events, his perspective of how we can all tackle the nature and climate crisis has changed and he feels emboldened to inspire young people throughout the UK that they can also make a difference.

Benefits of being an ambassador:

  • Developing public speaking skills and confidence to deliver performances and workshops
  • Developing leadership and project management skills
  • Learning more about campaigning and advocacy work


“For me, being a Force for Nature means caring for, protecting and promoting our relationship with trees and the environment. It means finding something special and increasing our joy by sharing it with others.” – Muhammed