James is an award-winning environmental artist, creating mosaic-style collages using waste materials to highlight the beauty of trees and the natural world and the nature crisis that we face.

More about James

From an early age, James found that art had a calming effect on him. When diagnosed with autism at three and a half years old, pictures and images became a vital form of communication. These combined interests of art and nature have developed into the eye-catching and thought-provoking environmental art that has won James acclaim and helps to highlight essential environmental messages.

Connection with nature…

In 2011, James moved to North Yorkshire and was inspired by the rugged landscape of the dales and a woodland close to his home.

Additionally, James’ passion for tackling waste started in early childhood as he tidied up litter in his local community and began collecting reusable items that would otherwise have been discarded. These have since become the materials James uses in his art.

Benefits of being an ambassador…

  • Developing confidence to share views and experiences on a national level
  • Profile raised by involvement in COP26 and BBC Gardener’s World appearances
  • Ability to give others a voice through art masterclasses and workshops


“We must all do more to help our planet before it’s too late. Being an ambassador allows me to spread that message more widely to young people across the country.” – James