Amy is an incredibly inspiring ambassador and charity founder who has recently completed a Marine Biology degree.

More about Amy

At 16, Amy founded an environmental education charity called ‘Another Way’. She uses this platform to deliver environmental awareness sessions to community groups and schools. Her desire to support nature started young. From 12, Amy took part in political campaigns , rallies and petitions about sustainability, waste and the environment. By 14, she organised one of the first climate marches in London and started a campaign called ‘Devotion to Ocean’ in school that led her school to go plastic free.

Connection with nature

Amy has always had a passion for the natural world and spends most of her free time outdoors walking, climbing and sailing. Through her involvement in the programme, Amy now connects music and the arts to the natural world and seeks solace and peace within these forms, tangibly feeling the interconnectedness of such elements.

She also believes that her focus on nature has helped when feeling overwhelmed juggling her charity work with her studies.

Benefits of being an ambassador…

  • Developing skills, experience and contacts to launch own charity
  • Personal and charity profile raised through involvement in high profile events
  • Opportunity to increase reach of advocacy through school events and audience


“Through this programme, I see the potency and connectivity through music and art, and the means to connect with nature. It has truly moved me.” – Amy