Our creative, passionate and exemplary ambassadors are active in a range of fields and are experienced in promoting the benefits of trees and nature and sharing their skills and knowledge. Together, they help to inspire the next generation to form deeper connections with trees and the natural world and to become a Force for Nature.


Amy founded environmental education charity Another Way. Her aim is to give people the motivation to change their lives to make a positive difference!


Benjamin is a music artist and singer-songwriter who uses his music to help people understand the value of connection, be it with each other or the natural world.


Harry is an environmentalist, writer and keen bird watcher. He is currently working to help young people find the skills and confidence to express their own love for nature through writing.


James is an award-winning environmental artist who turns used scratch cards and other recycled materials into breathtaking art.


Marvin is fourteen and is passionate about trees, sport and drama.


Muhammed is a young writer and advocate of nature-based approaches to mental health. He’s travelled across the country delivering his powerful messages to everyone from sector leaders to schoolchildren.


Nell is a student who supports Teach the Future and is part of the campaign to include climate education in the national curriculum.


Daisy is an actor who has a life-long love of trees and nature. As an ambassador, she has used her passion for literature, characters and language to engage young people with nature.


Tayshan is a footballer and founder of Grow2Know, a non-profit based in London that is building gardens to inspire, education and heal whilst empowering more diverse.

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