All our pupils are becoming more aware of our grounds and what we can do to make it better. We are learning what we have to do to make seeds and plants grow and stay healthy. We have planted fruit trees in our orchard and have started creating a forest area. We have planted seeds in our polytunnel and each class has taken responsibility for a raised bed. These have been planted with carrots, peas, runner beans, radish, beetroot, spinach and spring onion and lettuce which we will share with our community at harvest time. We are also growing potatoes and strawberries in pots. We are regularly, weeding, watering and mulching.
We all love spending time outdoors and are talking about how this makes us feel.
We are monitoring the variety of mini beasts who visit our bug hotels and are working to establish a wetland area where we hope to attract frogs and a recycled garden using containers that would end up in the bin. We are very lucky to have a large biodiverse playground with trees and shrubs and lots of areas for development.