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Today was a special day for me. To tell the story from the beginning: in 1977, both myself and my wife, in our respective places in the country (West Sussex for me; East Yorkshire for my wife) helped to plant trees for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee (my wife, as a 4-year-old, is planting the tree mid above). In 2012, I revisited my primary school to see the tree I helped to plant (left below), then a 35-year-old magnificent tree. In 2020, my family visited Swithland woods in Leicestershire (left above) where we collected many acorns – we planted 120 of them with my middle daughter (middle below). In 2021, they were growing well (right below).
I work in the same primary school where my daughters are/have been taught. Two have moved on to secondary; my youngest is still in Primary in Year 4. Today we planted a tree in honour of HRH King Charles III. I am pictured planting one of our trees from one of the Swithland acorns with my youngest daughter right below. Planting trees over the generations.

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