Beacon Schools are determined once you have successfully completed your project and submitted a project self-assessment form. To achieve Beacon School status your school needs to demonstrate in your self-assessment and posts on your club space that you are excelling in connecting, learning and sharing the power of trees and nature both in school and at a national level (by being active on your club account). Beacon Schools will be awarded at the Force for Nature festival on 15 June 2022. We also look to award two outstanding beacons schools, who have gone the extra mile to be a Force for Nature, these schools receive a voucher for £200 to use for a trip or resources for their project.

Once you have achieved Beacon School status you become part of an exclusive club of schools who support the shaping and development of the Young Tree Champion Programme. Opportunities include trialling new technology and working with wider partners like Forest schools (tbc) to develop bespoke workshops. Beacon schools also can apply to receive the Force for Nature tour and visits from our ambassadors.