Make sure you share the delivery date with your school office so that they are expecting the delivery and can let you know when the trees arrive. ‘Bare root’ trees, like the ones you’ll receive, have been lifted from the ground at their nurseries a few days before they reach your school and will need planting within 5 days of arrival, otherwise the young trees will die.

When they arrive:

  1. Unpack the trees from the box. 
  2. Open the bag covering the roots and pour in some water to make sure the roots are damp (but not waterlogged).
  3. Seal the root bag and store the trees outside in a sheltered spot and protected from any bouts of frost.
  4. Every day, until planting takes place, check that the tree roots are still damp.

All you need to know about planning and planting your orchard can be found in our detailed planning and planting guide. You can also watch our ‘Let’s Get Planting’ webinar for more information.