This project can be as big as you want to make it! We estimate that a lead teacher will typically need to allocate 4 to 6 days throughout the spring and summer term to deliver the project, from application to completion, depending on the amount of support they receive.

It’s important that SMT allocate time to an enthusiastic member of staff to lead the project (this could be a teacher or support assistant). The lead contact will need to complete the application process, recruit the Young Tree Champions and make sure there is a plan of activities in place to plant, connect, learn and share the power of trees and care for your trees.

Compared to growing annual plants like tomatoes and salads, your trees will require much less annual care once they are established. However there is more to do in the first few years in order to get them established; they’ll need to be watered regularly, weeded, mulched and guarded for the first three years.