When your tree pack arrives, you will need get them into the ground straight away and give them a good water – they’ll be thirsty from their journey! Make sure you use the stakes, ties and guards to help protect your young trees from rabbits and strong winds. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to plant and care for your trees through our planting webinar and our detailed planning and planting guide.

Your Young Tree Champions will need to water the newly-planted trees for the first two years (roughly 20 litres of water per tree per week), especially when the weather is dry and during the Easter and Summer holidays. Consider consulting a local volunteer Tree Warden to help provide advice and expertise on caring for your trees.

Tree and hedgerow care in the first five years is really important. Help them to survive and thrive with these top tips:

  • Water weekly (roughly 20L per tree) from spring to September
  • Keep the mulch topped up
  • Clear any weeds or grass from around the base
  • Check your guards, stakes and ties
  • Provide homes and food for natural predators who will help control pests.

Find out more about caring for your trees and hedgerows after planting in our webinar.