We gathered in the arboretum (museum for trees). It started off a bit nippy and drizzly, however we all helped keep the fire burning by collecting dry sticks.
We talked about the area of the arboretum with its mature trees, parkland and spring stream, it’s geography of it in the bed of the valley running East West and it’s sheltered environment, the plants and animals that all make up this ecosystem.
We explored the variety of creatures from different habitats like
Arthropodes with their segmented bodies- Centipedes, wood lice and nematodes-slugs, snails and tiny eggs from under standing logs.
We saw mole hills and a mole! Such a cute animal with silky fur. They have a plentiful supply of slugs to eat here, Yucky!
Some of us found leeches, water snails and shrimp in the stream.
The stream was crystal clear and many of the creatures were found along the bank in or near the mud.
We spoke about the importance of biodiversity and habitats and how we can help nature by monitoring what is present and getting to know numbers of plants, insects and animals and creating habitats, by planting hedgerows and trees, seeding wildflowers, building insect homes.
We returned to the arboretum for a game of Hide and seek and wood painting and gathered around the campfire to enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers, juice, and s’mores and to celebrate Josh’s birthday with cake!
It was the best time!