Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-17T09:01:22+00:00

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What exactly does a tree pack contain?2023-04-17T09:00:46+00:00

You can select one of the following tree packs:

  • Container fruit tree pack
  • Broadleaf tree pack
  • Orchard tree pack
  • Hedgerow pack

Your choice will be based on the area you have available to plant your trees.

Each tree pack (container, broadleaf and orchard) consists of five mixed trees. The trees will be between 1 and 2 years old (approx. 1 – 1.5m tall) and will arrive ‘bare-rooted’ ready for immediately planting out. Your pack will include stakes, wire guards and hessian ties to support the tree for the first 2-3 years of its life.

Each hedgerow pack contains 90 hedgerow whips. Each whip is approximately 1m high and will arrive ‘bare-rooted’ ready for immediately planting out. Each pack will contain a combination of native hedgerow whips. There are no nut producing plants in any of the packs. (Hedgerow packs do not include stakes, wire guards or hessian ties. You can find out more about protecting your trees in this guide.)

Further information on planting and caring for your trees will be shared through webinars and our planting and care guidance document.

The trees are perfect for creating a tree trail but you may wish to use them in other ways to support the delivery of your project – for example, to create a wildlife-friendly area or woodland classroom to support your project.

Our school doesn’t have any green space – can we plant the trees in pots?2023-04-17T09:00:45+00:00

Our Container tree pack consists of small fruit trees which will grow to between 5 – 10m tall and are suitable for planting in containers. Each container must be at least 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre. It’s best to add mulch at the base of the trees to help prevent weeds from growing at the base and to help keep the soil moist. Pots should have drainage holes in the bottom to prevent roots becoming waterlogged if overwatered or due to rain.

It’s important to bear in mind that trees in containers will need extra care, especially with watering during the spring and summer.

You can find out more information in our detailed planning and planting guide.

How much time will my Trees and More project take to deliver?2023-08-21T09:46:30+00:00

This project can be as big as you want to make it! We estimate that a lead teacher will typically need to allocate 4 to 6 days throughout the spring and summer term to deliver the project, from application to completion, depending on the amount of support they receive.

It’s important that SMT allocate time to an enthusiastic member of staff to lead the project (this could be a teacher or support assistant). The lead contact will need to complete the application process, recruit the Young Tree Champions and make sure there is a plan of activities in place to plant, connect, learn and share the power of trees and care for your trees.

Compared to growing annual plants like tomatoes and salads, your trees will require much less annual care once they are established. However there is more to do in the first few years in order to get them established; they’ll need to be watered regularly, weeded, mulched and guarded for the first three years.

What do the tech kits contain?2023-06-05T14:26:08+00:00

Tech Kits contain a microscope camera and microphone as well as tree ID resources, and other tools to help you engage your pupils. Along with the kit you will receive guidance to help you use it.

Young Tree Champion Tech Kits are designed to provide pupils with amazing resources with which to interact with the world of trees. The kits will help to create an interactive trail, explore the science and wonder of new or existing trees and to record a podcast to speak up for trees.


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